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Friday, August 2, 2013

talking about private tutor, native speakers,

Hi this is Randall. I think there is a growing trend in the United States. that international students will find it more difficult to get into a university because some universities are raising the entrance requirements and that is due to the fact that some teachers see that international students lack the intense academic training to perform well. So how is this going to affect international students? Number one, it's going to take international students longer to meet the requirements of a TEOFL or IELTS test. Number two, international students will realize that they might need a private tutor to help them with their language skills in preparation for tests and number three, perhaps not all students will be, just like with native speakers, be prepared to reach an education at the university level. I'm not very good at Math and I accept that, and some students might not be ready either. So what do you think?

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