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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Grammar Test -1

There are 50 questions in 3 sections.  Choose the correct answer from the drop down boxes or fill in the

  1. The sun in the East.

  2. In Siberia cold all the time.

  3. The British often talk about because it's so changeable.

  4. English people carry umbrellas them dry.

  5. In the monsoon season almost every day.

  6. In the Gobi desert there isn't grass.

  7. Places near the Equator have climate all year round.

  8. In Northern Europe season is usually from December to February.

  9. people don't have the opportunity to live outside their own country.

  10. Very people can study abroad.

  11. Hong Kong to China in 1997.

  12. After  she the "Miss Universe" title she got a lot of lucrative offers.

  13. Madonna's agent change her name at the start of her career.

  14. If the world on 1st January 2000, some people wouldn't have been surprised.

  15. Warsaw is famous as the capital of Poland and as a tourist destination.

  16. He is becoming well known the world.

  17. Many  people that Nigel Kennedy is England's greatest violinist.

  18. Getting to be the greatest violinist the world is not easy.

  19. Like any top musician, he practice long and hard.

  20. Even though Lady Diana is dead, people  remember her as a 'fairytale princess'.

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